At Long Island Oil Delivery and Heating Oil, we have always exhibited our preference for oil to heat our homes as opposed to natural gas. This stems from our considerations for safety and affordability, and we continuously advise our clients to make the safest choice.

With over 35 years in the fuel delivery and heating industry, we have immense experience with a wide array of natural resources. We firmly advise our clients to make the right choice to support a healthy lifestyle and the wellness of their loved ones. The winters of Long Island can be hard and testing, and home heating solutions are a definite must-have to survive the chilly winds and snow spells.

Oil is a much safer, low-maintenance and affordable alternative to natural gas. It is easy to procure, the prices are significantly lower and oil home heating solutions are much more lucrative. In this article, we will walk you through the reasons behind our preferences for preferring oil over natural gas.

Here, take a look:

Oil over Natural Gas: Why?

The drawbacks of using natural gas for home heating purposes far exceed those of oil. First and foremost, when it comes to natural gas, there is no competition and all consumers have to rely on the national grid for supply. This leads to heightened costs as the national grid gas prices are significantly higher than home heating oil rates. What many do not realize until they actually have natural gas.. yes the “gas” is expensive, but there is a “delivery” fee that far exceeds the price of the actual amount of gas used. These tacked on fees can actually make natural gas the more expensive option. 

Aside from the national grid prices, natural gas furnaces and maintenance costs are also high, and if your home is not located in an area with an accessible gas supply, this cost can multiply further. Even though natural gas furnaces are quite efficient, they are not a viable option if you don’t have a gas supply near your home.

Many homeowners prefer natural gas because the furnaces are much cleaner and less noisy. However, when compared with oil furnaces, they tend to cost significantly higher. If you’re trying to reduce your home heating costs, oil furnaces are a much more viable option.

The Safety Question

Homeowners often ask us, are natural gas furnaces safe for a home with toddlers and little ones? And we always reply, no!

Natural gas leaks are extremely dangerous and have claimed countless lives across the world. As opposed to oil leakage that is easily spotted, natural gas leaks are difficult to spot until they have dominated the air supply and you find it difficult to breathe. If you’re exploring a safe home heating solution, oil heating is your safest bet.