The holiday season comes with an exciting round of festivities, and some much-needed merriments to take us all out of the lockdown blues. At Mac Long Island Heating and Cooling, we absolutely adore Thanksgiving, as it gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude for the love, respect and esteem we enjoy in our community. 

As a local Long Island, family-run business, we consider our clients as cherished members of our work family. Our family-oriented values revolve around cultivating lasting relationships as opposed to making transactions. This Thanksgiving, we wish to extend our heartiest gratitude to all the clients and community members that have supported our journey and helped clear the obstacles lining our path.

We are a local family business from Levittown, NY, and over the years, we have carved out a solid reputation in delivering heating oil, both contract and COD. We offer a wide array of services, including heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, installation and more. Our clients are at the heart of our strategy and we take our customer service with the utmost sense of dedication.

This Thanksgiving, we are mindful of the struggle of millions of family-run and local businesses across the country and the world. These are tough times as the world is battling an unprecedented healthcare crisis, and such times remind us of the need to be mindful, compassionate and kind towards one another.

Nothing gives us more pride and joy than serving our clients and helping them innovate their processes with our skilled expertise. Our technicians and staff are dedicated to their job, and bring value to our brand with their diligent services.

We extremely grateful for this opportunity to serve our local community to the best of our abilities. Our clients have helped us cement our reputation with their loyalty and love, and their trust in our competence has given us the confidence to grow and expand our operations. We have been extremely fortunate in the love and respect we have received from our community, and it gives us immense pride that we have a flourishing and close-knit clientele.

This Thanksgiving, we wish to thank all our clients, business associates, vendors and networking partners for being a part of our journey and adding value to our brand. We are immensely grateful for all the love you send our way.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!