Long Island Oil Delivery Heating & Cooling Service

All around the world, we are well aware of the Covid-19 situation. Unfortunately, due to quarantine, many have a hard time keeping their heating and cooling installations maintained. It’s a fact that life cannot stop, no matter how hard you try. The same goes for electronic appliances, especially AC units.

Summertime is pretty hard if your AC units aren’t working to full efficiency. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the hardest thing is to decide whether to call the repair guy or not. To solve your dilemma, Long Island Oil Delivery Heating & Cooling Service urges you to call and schedule a visit.

Why hire Long Island Oil Delivery Heating & Cooling Service:

Amid the pandemic, the Long Island Oil Delivery Heating & Cooling Service is taking all necessary precautions before and after assisting their clients. Maintaining social distance is high on their list. Even the whole they work, they know how to keep a distance.

When to Call us:

We provide the following services with great care and efficiency, customer satisfaction is our huge motivation, and hence we respond in minimum time and with all COVID-19 preventions and precautions.


Should you realize, at any time, that the furnace or boiler of your house isn’t running to its full efficiency, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We send in the most professional employees to deal with your heating troubles no matter how big or small.


It’s summertime, let’s all cool down a bit; however, if your AC unit isn’t working, things will get a bit hot.              

Call in our experts to help you repair the old unit, or install a new one so you can relax and enjoy your summer to the full.

Are We COVID-19 Prepared?

We know the times are hard with the COVID-19 crisis, but you can be assured that our team is taking all necessary precautions, and they even maintain the social distancing while working. Here are our precautionary measures that all our employees follow to dot.

  • We educate and update our employees regularly regarding the virus as well as resources on how to stay safe while working.
  • We educate our employees on good hygiene practices.
  • Sanitization and hand-washing with regular intervals are our priority.
  • We are encouraging no physical contact with the customer.
  • Our tools and equipment are regularly sanitized with wipes and swabs.

We deliver with all the precaution and preventive measures because we care about our valued customers. Efficient service with extreme satisfaction is our promise.