Long Island Air Conditioning:

Spring is around the corner, soon it’s going to get warm, and you will be too uncomfortable to sleep without air-conditioning. But, have you checked your air conditioning unit? Are you confident that it’s going to work smoothly when you turn it on after such a long period? If you aren’t sure, fear not, we are here to save the day. Here’s a detailed guide to clean and maintain your AC units before spring starts.

How Often Is This Cleaning Necessary?

According to the cleaning experts, it’s necessary to clean your AC units every three months. This routine should be for both indoor as well as outdoor parts. However, it depends on the area as well as on the type of setting the unit is installed in. For example, in a school, college or a hospital, it’s essential that you clean the unit from outside as well as inside every month.

How to Clean AC Units At Home?

  • Cut the power and take the plug out, never clean a unit when it’s plugged in. The first thing that you need to do is to take out the filter and expose the coils. To clean the coil, you can get the cleaning spray from your local Long island air conditioning stores. These sprays are used to remove the smell of accumulated dirt, mold and mildew.
  • The easiest part of maintaining the AC units is cleaning the filters. Place the filter under running water and use a soft brush to the clean filter. Many a time, a filter can contribute to foul odors, in such cases soak the filter in dish wash and leave it for a few hours. Wash off with clean water.
  • Cleaning the coils and filters help in AC’s maintenance. Here’s why you need to maintain your AC unit and clean them every once in a while.

Conditioner’s Lifespan:

Everything you buy for your home is an investment; to get the most out of your investment and increase its lifespan, regular maintenance is required. Regular cleaning of AC units increases its lifespan. Dirt and dust, when ignored, can eat away your AC’s life.

Saves Energy:

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save them a dollar or two. With regular maintenance of your AC units, you can save energy hence decreased bill. AC units that aren’t maintained regularly consume more power compared to the ones that get regular maintenance.

So, before the season changes, give your AC unit the cleaning it needs to work seamlessly.