Long Island Oil Delivery – Reliable Oil Delivery 

Long Island Oil Delivery is providing the most reliable, affordable, and high-quality services in town. Our main endeavor is to provide the best heating oil delivery and service to customers at the most competitive pricing. Our highly expert and trustworthy staff is always there to help the customers in every possible way. We ensure that we can provide oil delivery services to our customers uninterrupted all through the year.

COD or Oil Delivery Contracts Available

If we talk about Cash on Delivery or COD oil companies, you want to know that you are calling a local oil delivery company that can be at your house or business quickly. Mac heating is reliable and located on Long Island to ensure we are always around… even in the worst winter weather. We treat COD or cash on delivery clients just as we would our contract clients. If you need service we are available, dependable and reliable. We also offer oil delivery contracts which are tailored to your individual needs. The fixed term contracts are bit uncomfortable to many a customer as they are fixed to their pre-set terms and conditions. Many customers find it hard to get along with the tough fixed terms and rules and they opt to flexible COD for the winter season on Long Island. There is also a possibility of getting fuel at lower price in this contract type or risking rising oil prices as well…  The prices depend on your way of consumption, if you consume more oil during winters, you will be paying accordingly.

It is always a tough decision to go with a oil contract or just risk the daily market values with COD oil. On one hand, you know the cost of your oil for the season, you can calculate your monthly costs and be able to plan accordingly. With COD oil you are riding th ever having oil prices. You could luck out with lower prices or but stuck with very high prices. No matter your personal choice. 

Another factor that plays vital role in bringing ups and down in your oil pricing is the kind of heating or cooling system that you used, the size of that system, your usage, and what kind of property you live in.

COD allows you to select the services and the oil according to your immediate needs. The companies that trade COD system contract provide market competitive price and high-quality service.  Long Island Oil Delivery provides the market competitive price, with high quality oil, and best service. We are known for on-time delivery and reliable oil burner service.