Long Island Heating and Air Conditioning Company: Why is A Central AC Unit the Best Choice?

Installing an HVAC system in your entire house or office is a huge investment that needs utmost consideration and deliberation. This investment, according to the national average, will cost you around $4000 to $12,000, depending on the size of your house or office, the kind of air conditioning system you chose, and current state of the duct system in your chosen premises. Naturally, all these factors will influence the price.

Basically, if you are investing in a new central air conditioning unit, you have a plethora of choices to pick from, for instance, you can choose between a split system central air conditioner, packaged systems central air conditioner, Window AC Units, and ductless mini-split systems. A central air conditioning unit is the best choice for it is not only more effective in the hard and enduring heat of Long Island, but more importantly, it is now available with energy efficient alternatives, and cost-efficient choices.

Why is Central Air Conditioning the Best Choice?

Given the local climate of Long Island, which is humid and hot during the summer months, a central air conditioning unit will provide all the amenities to keep your house or office cool and airy throughout the long island summer days and nights. Central air conditioning units are the best choice for larger homes and hotter climates, but the hotter the climate, the greater your costs and charges will be.

Luckily, central air conditioning units are equipped with energy efficient systems, which are determined through the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, more commonly known as SEER ratings. A higher SEER rating indicates that you will have lesser utility bills, however, the one-time payment for the AC unit will be higher. For instance, a 14 SEER unit will cost you around $6000, a 16 SEER unit will be around $8,000 and an 18 SEER unit will cost you around $8000-$12000. Remember, the higher the SEER rating, the lower you’ll be paying in utility bills.

It is also important to check SEER ratings to see how energy efficient your AC unit is. Installation and maintenance costs are another aspect that require expenditure, but if you buy in a new Central AC unit as opposed to a used one, you will end up paying lesser maintenance and repair costs.

Need Help Making your Final Choice?

At MAC Long Island Heating and Air Conditioning Company, our dedicated experts and technicians will be happy to assist you in making your final buying decision. We will undertake an estimate of your home and assess your requirements to give you a recommendation on the best choices, alternatives and underlying needs. We are here to be your trustworthy guide. We have over 20 years of experience working with Long Island businesses and homes. We understand that budget and efficiency are key in finding the right air conditioning system for you.