Different kinds of Heating Systems to Install in Your Home

Unless you are living in Florida, you need to have a good heating system installed in your house. From the days when the humble fireplace was the only source of heating, heating systems have come a long way forward with technological advances. Today there are many kinds of heating systems available in the market to make you feel overwhelmed when selecting one that is most appropriate according to your requirements. Here are some of the popular heating systems with their pros and cons.

Furnace (heating with air)

The most common type of heating systems around the country are the furnaces. While nationally this may be very common, most Long Island homes use boilers, and base board heating. These furnaces blow hot air through pipes in all parts of the home. These are referred to as forced air heating systems and use natural gas, electricity, or oil is used as fuel to operate them. Furnaces are highly efficient in keeping homes warm and they also work for a long time. If your furnace is not working well, it can be easily repaired by an experienced professional.


  • Easily available
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can also help to cool during summers
  • Retrofitting can help in purification of air


  • Need complicated ducting
  • Leakage of gas can be dangerous

Boilers (heating with water)

Boilers use heat of water to keep homes warm. Water does not boil in boilers. It is heated using gas or electricity. Hot air is not forced into your home, but it radiates through aluminum foils or radiators. No ducting is required, and your home remains protected from harmful allergens coming through air. Boilers can be repaired if they malfunction or perform at poor efficiency.


  • Energy efficient
  • No danger of allergens
  • Take less space than furnaces
  • base board heating


  • Costlier than furnaces
  • Air conditioning needed separately

Heat pumps

This is another heating system used commonly in homes across the country. Heat pumps are fitted with cooling gases that absorb heat from the atmosphere and even ground and then transfer it inside the home. The heat exchanger can also be used to cool the home during summer months.


  • High energy efficiency
  • Can be used to heat as well as cool


  • More expensive than furnace and boiler
  • Lose efficiency when used in very cold climate

Mac Heating and Cooling is a company that provides highly efficient and reliable heating solutions to its clients. We can repair or replace your current heating or cooling system as well as upgrade your house to a new heating system.  There are pros and cons to every heating system, some using oil, natural gas or electricity. Depending on the design of your home, finances and the size of your home we will be able to reccomend  install the right heating and cooling system for you.